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How Will You Ensure That The Samples Are Safe With Such A Long Trip

Dvorak: We are taking all necessary measures to make sure the samples are safe and get to the laboratory as quick as possible. Also if you are want to buy cheap fifa 14 coins and also fifa ultimate team coins , and some other different types of cheap fifa coins you can always come to the best online store at our web site to get them in a minute and enjoy your game at most ! Up to now, from the out-of-competition controls that have been performed with the different teams around the world, 750 blood and urine samples have been delivered to Lausanne. The average time for delivery was 19:50 hours, the shortest in about 4 hours and the longest from several Latin American countries in less than 33 hours. All samples arrived in satisfactory conditions thanks to the use of special automatic cooling boxes that record the temperature during the whole transportation, which allows the lab to monitor the conditions of the samples.

Saugy: All the necessary measures have been taken up preserve the integrity of the samples in order to get the best biological and analytical information from the collected samples.

How will you manage to get the results of the analyses by the due date?

Dvorak: The lab in Lausanne is ready to work 24/7 in order to initiate the learning immediately upon arrival of the samples and with the objective of supplying the results before the following games from the respective teams. This was also one of the reasons for our choice of the lab in Lausanne.

Saugy: We will make every effort to provide FIFA with the results prior to the next game. This is part of the contract which is clearly our goal.

Isn’t it a huge challenge for the lab to handle so many tests in such a short time?

Saugy: It is a real a big challenge for us, but we are already used to that sort of major event. Our laboratory is part of the CHUV (University Hospital in Lausanne) and is used to emergency services. Here also please do not forget to obtain the cheapest fifa coins , also fifa coins pc to enjoy your fifa game . And of course, the great relationship we have with FIFA helps a lot. Since the accreditation of the laboratory in Rio was revoked, we prepared carefully all the analyses and organisation with Professor Dvorak to acquire the samples in proper condition and to analyse them as soon as they arrive in the lab. This is a challenge, but the laboratory team is proud to be part of the event.

Football is often criticised for not doing enough in the fight against doping. How would you react to such criticism?

Dvorak: The FIFA Medical Committee is of the opinion, based also on discussions with other sports federations, that our means of focusing on education and prevention combined with a programme of stringent in- and out-of-competition controls pays off. The introduction of the biological profile for the FIFA World Cup including both blood and steroid parameters shows our consequent follow-up of this strategy in the fight against doping. If we look at World Anti-Doping Agency statistics we can see that football is by far the number one sport when it comes to anti-doping tests around 30,000 tests every year and the number of positive cases when compared with other sports is very low.

Saugy: FIFA has been investing in the field of anti-doping research for many years. Considering that the 1998 World Cup in France, our laboratory continues to be collaborating with FIFA and Professor Dvorak to establish the best strategies in the fight against doping. As far back as the 2002 World Cup in Korea/Japan, FIFA collected the very first liquid blood samples and implemented EPO tests in football. Now, its key role in the implementation of biological monitoring is also a consequence of years of research in the steroid profiling of football players.

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